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I'm passionate about leadership... I believe that leadership is what separates a place of work from a place to work; a place you have to go to and a place you want to go to, a job you have to do and a job you want to do, a boss you have to report to and a boss you want to report to. I also believe that everyone has the potential to become an impactful leader.

Hi. My name is Jim Livingstone. I'm an executive educator, coach, author, founder and Chief Learning Officer of Northpoint - an organisation that specialises in the assessment and development of leaders.

To be honest, leadership development was not my career of choice... I fell into it by chance after a string of bad luck and equally bad decisions that left me with $2 in my pocket and nowhere to live.

In hindsight, I am so glad I fell!

Over the past decade I have been fortunate enough to work with, and learn from, a wide variety of leaders from around the world. I've been particularly fortunate to work with thousands of individual contributors as they make that challenging transition into a leadership role.

Leadership is not rocket science, but is often over complicated. Learning should be pragmatic and easy to apply, but is often theoretical and difficult to apply. Learning should lead to a change in behaviour, but is often forgotten as people regress to their old habits. This is what I’ve dedicated the past 10-years trying to change, and the reason why I founded Northpoint.

I am in the midst of filling my website with a host of free resources on leadership; articles, quotes and videos etc. Please feel free to share with anyone who might find value in them!

Keep on Learning!

Jim Livingstone

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