The Intentional Leader

Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: It Starts with You!

In today's increasingly complex, globalised world, diversity and inclusion have become more important than ever. Simply talking about diversity and inclusion is not enough - organisations must actively embrace and embed it into their core values.

Courageous Leadership

Courageous Leadership: Why it's Important to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

As a leader, there will always be times when you are required to face adversity head on and make tough decisions, stand up for what you believe in, or take calculated risks. This is where having the courage to do what is right, even when it is difficult, risky, or unpopular is essential for success.

Self Awareness

Self-Awareness: A foundation for intentional leadership

Leadership is not overly complicated, but it is a pretty multifaceted concept that requires a combination of mindsets, qualities, skills, and traits to be effective. Among these, self-awareness stands out as a critical component. 

Intentional Leadership

Effective leadership doesn't happen by accident

In today's fast-paced, rapidly changing, and highly competitive world, how leaders show up is key to sustained organisational success.

Target Setting

Target Setting: How to increase commitment and ownership

A productive target setting conversation can make the difference between targets that are owned and actively pursued versus those that are merely set. Yet sadly, target setting conversations are often poorly conducted and yield very little commitment and ownership.

Instructing, Mentoring, Coaching

Instructing, Mentoring & Coaching: What's the difference and when should they be used?

Instructing, mentoring and coaching are three important skills that every leader should possess, as there will be times that they are called upon to provide instructions, mentor or coach someone.


CRAVE: Five Characteristics of Trust

Irrespective of whether it is present or not, trust is a force that is experienced in any interaction between people. It is the foundation of all relationships. It takes time to earn and can be destroyed in an instance!